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Sara H
Lost 35 pounds

“I had such a struggle losing my baby weight, even a year after the birth of my son... I feel the best I have in years. Sergio’s approach to fitness, wellness and nutrition has impacted my life in such a positive way, far beyond the weight loss.”

Mike R
Before: 373 lbs.     After: 246 lbs.  (lost 127 pounds in 1 year)

“Sergio’s Vitality health coaching opened my eyes up to an entire new way of exercising, as well a new way of creating a healthy lifestyle.”

Laura K
Before: 241 lbs.    After: 157 (lost 84 pounds in 7 months)

“With the guidance of Sergio’s wellness coaching, today I live my life as food is my fuel and not my emotion; it no longer has control over me...”

Jordan E
Before: 420 lbs.    After: 295 lbs. (lost 125 pounds in 1 year)

“With Sergio’s coaching and guidance, I started eating more mindfully and healthy, and began to exercise again. In just under a year, I lost 125 pounds and am currently 295 pounds from 420..."

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Sergio has over 20 years of experience as a health and wellness professional, and motivational coach and speaker. In addition to working with dozens of professional athletes, CEO’s and celebrities, Sergio has also worked with many corporations and community organizations developing holistic health and wellness programs.

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