Beat 'Quarantine 15' by losing 15+ lbs
& lowering stress

These are unprecedented times to say the least. And while we are facing new and unfamiliar challenges like never before; these too will pass. We must also remember that in challenging times, there are also opportunities available to us like never before. 

An Opportunity to slow down and re-center yourself.

An Opportunity to spend more time and really connect with your family and friends.

An Opportunity to identify what is really important to you, and to set new goals.

An Opportunity to be a real role model for your family and community.

An Opportunity to practice SELF-CARE like you’ve never done before.

What’s holding you back? What stops you from taking this time to improve your life in various areas? Why are you NOT able to get healthy and stay healthy, so you can have less stress and anxiety, plus more energy, better focus and increased confidence?

Maybe you find yourself bored and trapped in your thoughts. Whatever you are going through, please realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Tens to hundreds of millions of people all over the world are experiencing unprecedented challenges. While the majority of people are allowing these challenges get the best of them; to stop their progress, many people are finding ways to overcome their obstacles, and actually THRIVE in this new environment.

I’d like to help YOU become one of those that are thriving with your physical and emotional health, especially at this time- because thriving in these two critical areas in your life is paramount for remaining strong and positive, and inspiring your family, friends and community. These two are also the foundation for thriving in other areas of your life, whether it be relationships, career, spirituality, etc… 


HOW, you ask?

What’s truly unique about my program that no other program does, is that it teaches you to become empowered to control and optimize your health for years and years to come; it’s not a quick results gimmick where you fall to old habits afterwards and lose all the results you worked for. Take a look…Roy- a long-haul truck driver who was diabetic with hypertension in his late fifties and couldn’t even carry his newborn grandchild, much less get down on the ground to play with her. After he implemented these strategies, he noticed his sleep quality and energy 


improved almost immediately. He lost 20 pounds in his first 45 days and began to feel much better. After his initial 6 weeks, we had a few follow-up coaching calls where he continued to lose weight. By the end of one year, he was down 51 pounds, quit smoking cigarettes, and got off all his meds. He was no longer a diabetic and his blood pressure was normal. Even more exciting was that 2 years later, he lost an additional 26 pounds on his own. He’s not only able to roll around on the ground and play with his now three (3) grandchildren, he no longer needs my coaching. He’s aware of what works for him and what doesn’t. He’s become his own best health coach, and you can do the same.

Then there are folks like the pictures you see at the very top.
Laura has lost 84 pounds and regained her confidence and life back. She’s kept the weight off for over 2 and a half years and says it’s easy to do with her new level of self-awareness she gained using the principles and strategies in my program.

Jordan was able to return to his love of basketball after losing 125 pounds! Once he was able to start playing again, he confident and committed that he will never fall back to old patterns. 

Mike lost 127 pounds and has now kept it off for over 10 years!! This is not Yo-Yo dieting; this is self-awareness plus self-care, which equals a lifetime of better health, weight management, energy and joy. Mike’s transformation inspired his parents to get healthy in their 60’s, and now they are all healthier, happier and supporting each other.

Are you ready to be the next story of health & inspiration for those around you? Here’s how we could make it happen and get you the results you want.

Say “YES” and join me for this 6-Week Private Group Coaching and you’ll learn…

Let me ask you, ‘Have you ever been frustrated and confused with diets and exercise programs– Not sure what foods to eat or what types of exercises you should be doing?

Have you ever felt you were eating healthy and exercising regularly, but NOT SEEING RESULTS? Still lacking energy and getting sick regularly? Maybe you did get results initially, but then fell prey to fatigue and cravings, lost motivation and ended up in the trap of emotional or binge eating? Aka Yo-Yo dieting.

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Feel fatigued in the afternoon? Find it hard to concentrate and focus?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, how is this impacting your relationships at home and or work? Just about 99% of the people I talk to experience some, if not all of these issues, and more often than they like to admit. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. In essence, these are often signs of larger, far more serious health issues. 

Well, I’ve struggled with just about every one of these issues. I’ve struggled with weight, sleep, bloating, diets, confusion, burnout, afternoon fatigue- you name it. Even as a health and fitness professional, I’ve struggled with these. That’s why I can understand your challenges. And now I am ready to share with YOU how I overcame all of these issues and have reached a point in my life where I am healthier and feel better now at 49, than I did when I was 39, 29, even 19!! And I know you can too! 

Do you believe that you can? That you can achieve optimal health, maintain a lean and fit physique, have high energy throughout your day, plus have great strength, stamina, flexibility and balance not only during this unique time, but also well into your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond?” Or have your past experiences with diet and exercise programs caused you to lose faith and belief in yourself?

Understand that our Beliefs drive our thoughts; our thoughts drive our behavior; and our behavior creates HABITS. Who you are today is simply the sum of your HABITSAnd by changing your beliefs, we can reshape your thoughts and more easily begin to change your HABITS, which is essential for creating a truly and lasting healthy lifestyle.

I’ve spent the past 23 years studying, researching and experimenting with every health, fitness, weight loss, diet, exercise, energy, anti-aging, longevity, biohacking, mindset, mindfulness and even happiness strategy you can think of. 

I’ve delved deep into the science and know what works. Even better, I’ve developed a system that helps you identify what are the best health and healthy weight loss strategies specifically for YOU.


How would your LIFE be different if…

you knew what foods increased your energy, and which foods depleted your energy? which foods caused you to store fat, versus burn fat? 

you knew how to keep cravings away and eat only when you are truly hungry?

you knew precisely how much and what kinds of exercise helped you look, move and feel your best?

you found the keys for you to sleep deeper, and wake up refreshed?

It’s time for you to join these friends and clients of mine that just finished their 6-Week Program and got AMAZING results!!!

Evan S lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks, but most importantly, “I not only feel much better, I also don’t have cravings for junk food anymore, and I find it easy to stop eating when I’m no longer hungry.”

Betsy P lost 12 lbs. in 6 weeks, but more importantly, “I feel more energy and more confident that I can stay healthy and continue on my path towards my goals.”

Dawn L lost 11 lbs. and 6 inches in 6 weeks, but more importantly, “This has been absolutely life changing for me. My bloating is gone. My mood and energy are up. I feel more mentally clear. I sleep better. Everything just feels so much better.”

Be Positive, Proactive & Take Action. Make the best of this challenging time by signing up TODAY!

Here’s what you get with my unique program…

Based on my coaching/consulting rate, this program has a $3,200 value. I’m inviting you to be one of the first people in my Vitality Inner Circle for only $397… all for less than what I charge for 2 hours of coaching/consulting.

I want to make this an easy decision for you, so I’m adding a few extra bonuses…

Bonus #1: Vitality Self-Care Skills Training ($1,497 value)

I spent years with my colleague, Rev. Patricia Novick, PhD, researching our top four killers, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia; as well as researching longevity. Through all our research, we identified the top 9 behaviors that you can easily add into the construct of your day, that had the largest impact across all five of these factors. We teach this training to health professionals and companies for $1,497 per person.

Bonus #2: Weekly LIVE and additional recorded Workouts ($199 value)

Each week, we will do an additional call, but this will actually be a Facebook LIVE Workout in my private subscription group. We will go through a series of exercises and variety of workouts designed to help you move more youthfully and pain-free, as well as increase energy, build lean muscle and burn fat.

Bonus #3: Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss & Longevity Training ($149 value)

Fasting has been around since the dawn of humans. Over the past 30 years, we’ve learned so much about the health benefits of fasting, but there are also risks. I will share with you the safest and best ways to implement various forms of fasting for weight loss, mental clarity and longevity.

Bonus #4: Gene Cleansing Protocol for optimal gene expression ($129 value)

Our genes are NOT our destiny. We have the power to turn certain genes on and off, in order to optimize our health. We’ll go through a gene-cleansing protocol to properly express the genes most directly connected to your health and longevity.

Bonus #5: Top Bio-hacks for healthy weight-loss & longevity ($49 value)

That’s $2,023 in BONUSES + $3,200 value for the program for a total value of $5,223.

In order to help more people, I have discounted my program  down to just $997.

But I really want to make this a “NO BRAINER” decision for you. Why you ask? Because I want to help you and so many others to overcome the stresses and anxiety of this rare and challenging time. So, I am offering my 6-Week Online Coaching program for far below even the $997 price.

If you are an fast action taker, I know you will value the program and get great results, so for just this week, through April 4th at 11:59pm CST, I’m offering this program you for just $397 — that’s $600 OFF the already discounted price and a total of 92% OFF. I’ve been told I am crazy to do this, but I think this is the best way to help more people- especially in a unique time like this. After Saturday at midnight, the price goes up.

If $397 is a challenge for you right now, I am also offering an installment plan of $147 X 3 monthly payments to make it even easier for you. That’s basically the cost of a cup of Starbucks each day. Click HERE to set up a payment plan.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck by the stress and anxiety tied to today’s world, this is the way to get UN-STUCK!

Are you ready to show your family, friends and that world, that YOU- and they, can live healthy, lose weight, be positive and thrive even during this stressful time? 

You have basically 3 choices…

  1. Allow today’s situation to beat you down, wear you down and cause the “Quarantine 15”.
  2. Try other fad diets or try and figure this out on your own
  3. Join my 6-Week Coaching Program, learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle, lose weight for good, feel your best ever and inspire those around you.

Your Health Coach
– Sergio